Car Wrapping Prices In Australia

Whether you’re a business or private customer – car wrapping is an extremely effective way to revitalise your car and instantly transform it into something shiny, new, and maybe blue.

There is likely more than a few businesses in your area offering the service. But how do you know what kind of price is an acceptable one? That’s where we come in.

Here’s a guide to the price of car wrapping services in Australia:

Car Wrapping Prices



Small Car (hatchback)$3,000
Medium Car (sedan)$3,350
Large Car (station wagon)$4,100
Extra-Large Car (4WD)$4,500
Prices are to be used as a guide only. Please contact your local tattoo parlour for accurate pricing.

Price Updates

  • June 2018 – Prices remain steady all around Australia.

*Note – Prices are for a full car wrapping using vinyl. As well, most businesses advertise the service without GST included. The prices in the table above are inclusive of GST.

Here are a few recommended wrappers:

How Wrap Prices Are Determined

Remember – nearly every car is unique, and as the job depends on the type of car being wrapped, the cost of each wrapping job is also going to be unique.

The only way to get an accurate figure is via a quote from a local business in your area (see below for recommended businesses).

Before you get in contact for a quote, you’ll want to know what exactly determines the end price of the wrap.

Car Size

As you can see in the table, the major factor influencing the cost is the size of the car.

Plain and simple – the larger the car, the more material required, and the more time it will take to wrap.


Next up – how complex the body of your car is. If it’s 100% stock and there are no iffy areas where wrapping can become difficult, you shouldn’t have to worry about it driving up the price.

On the other side of the coin, however, if your car has a lot of custom body kits and intricate details which need to be taken care of, expect these to be reflected in the price.

Depending on the extent of the body kit, you may be looking at another $300-$1,000 on top of the regular wrap price.


Single colours are easy. Tell the computer which colour you want, and it’ll print off what you need with no fuss.

Custom artwork, however, that’s another story. Generally, the business will have an associate who does the design (special skills and software are needed to make sure it comes out correctly on the curves of a car).

Complex Car Wrapping

Complex Car Wrapping

If you are a business, you’ll probably want your logo and/or contact information represented somewhere on your car. Simple requests like this can be an extra $100-$200. Whereas custom, full body design may increase the total price by $500+.

Your best bet is to shop around and get more than one quote before deciding on one.


Lastly, but what may be one of the most important ones, is the experience of those working on your car. As with all other industries, the more experience a business has in the field, the more they are going to charge for their services.

For the sole reason that you know they’re going to do a damn fine job. As a well-cared for vinyl wrap can last 6yrs+, you want to make sure it goes on perfectly.

Nothing will be worse than going with a less experienced wrapper, simply because the price was cheaper, and having your car come out the other end with imperfections galore.

You will regret it.

Dish out a bit more cash and make sure the only people who lay hands on your car are experienced professionals with proven track records. Many businesses voluntarily display their portfolio of cars they’ve worked on as they know that’s what you want to see.

Recommended Businesses

Of course, just because the price is high, doesn’t always mean you’ll be receiving quality service. A decent amount of time should be spent vetting the business, and understanding exactly who they are, and what their previous customers have said.

We’ve save you the trouble and scoured the cities for a few of the top rated car wrapping businesses in each city.

Good Luck

If you have any further questions about specific details regarding your wrap, air them before you agree to the service. You should know exactly what part of your car is being wrapped and what parts aren’t, before you let go of your keys.

Vinyl Wrap In Progress

Vinyl Wrap In Progress

Understanding the guarantees and warranties in place will also allow you peace of mind knowing if any work done is sub par to what was agreed upon, you’ll be covered.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the factors influencing the final price of a wrapping a car with vinyl.

If you have any question about the article itself, let us know in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.

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