KFC Deals in March 2019

On this page you’ll find all the latest promos and specials on at your local KFC. Some of these will be in the form of coupons, some will be just special promos they’re temporarily running, and other will be deals on the KFC app.

Either way, if you’re looking to save a bit of cash, or simply enjoy some of KFC’s delicious fried chicken, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy.

If nothing tickles your fancy from the deals below, feel free to check out KFC’s full menu here.

Pepsi And Mountain Dew Freeze At Kfc For $1

Pepsi & Mountain Dew Freezes for $1

Expires: December 31, 2019

Bit hot out? KFC can help you out.

Grab a Pepsi or Mountain Dew Freeze for just $1 at a KFC near you.

Order on the app, or just head in store now to get one.

Copy$1 Freeze at KFC
Free Reg. Chips & Drink Kfc Australia 2018 Deal

FREE Reg. Chips & Drink

Expires: December 31, 2019

Keep your receipt from your latest KFC purchase.

Submit your feedback here.

Then head in store, spend a minimum of $4.95 and get your FREE Reg. Chips & Drink.

You must do it within 14 days of your receipt.

CopyFREE Reg. Chips & Drink @ KFC
$2 Sliders With Kfc Coupon Australia

$2 Sliders are BACK!

Expires: March 31, 2019

Grab the Baked Aioli, Baked Supercharge, Original Pepper Mayor, or the Smoky BBQ Slider for just $2 each.

May or may not be only available on the app. Please call the store to confirm the deal before to avoid disappointment.

Copy$2 Sliders
$2 Large Chips Deal @ Kfc Australia

$2 Large Chips In-Store

Expires: April 15, 2019

You don’t even need the app – just walk into KFC and you’ll be able to grab a Large Chips for $2.

Copy$2 Large Chips
$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket Voucher Kfc Australia

$10 Popcorn Bucket (80 pieces)

Expires: March 31, 2019

80 pieces of the bite sized goodness will leave you knowing there’s heaven on earth. Head in store today and pick up a bucket of popcorn chicken for just $10.

Copy$10 Popcorn Bucket


Welcome to the Graveyard of Deals. Below are many of the old promotions KFC were once running, but have left behind to move on to newer things. Keep in mind, that doesn’t mean we won’t see them sometime soon in the near future.

Deals are often coming back to life due to popular demand, such as their 24 Nuggets for $10 deal. Or their even more popular 9 for $9.95 Tuesdays. So make sure to always be on the lookout for new coupons before grabbing yourself some delicious fried chicken.

$2 Large Chips Deal @ Kfc Australia

$2 Large Chips

Expires: March 17, 2019

Get a Large Chips from KFC for just $2.


Copy$2 Large Chips @ KFC
$4.95 Fill Up Deal At Kfc 2019

$4.95 Fill Up Box

Expires: February 24, 2019
  • 1 Original Recipe Piece
  • 1 Original Tender
  • Regular Chips
  • Regular Potato & Gravy
  • Dinner Roll
  • Add a drink for $1
Copy$4.95 Fill Up Box
2019 Deal At Kfc The One Box For $12.95

The One Box for $12.95

Expires: February 24, 2019
  • 1 Piece Original Recipe Fillet
  • 1 Piece Original Recipe Chicken
  • 1 Origin Tender w/ Sauce
  • 1 Wicked Wing
  • 1 Snack Popcorn
  • Regular Chips
  • Regular Potato & Gravy
  • Dinner Roll
  • Regular Drink
CopyThe One Box for $12.95
24 Nuggets For $10 @ Kfc Special Deal

24 Nuggets for $10 is BACK!

Expires: January 31, 2019
Copy24 Nuggets for $10!
Kfc Australia Free Large Chips & Drink Deal 2018

FREE Large Chips & Drink

Expires: December 31, 2018

Keep your receipt from your latest KFC purchase.

Submit your feedback here.

Then head in store, spend a minimum of $19.95 and get your FREE Reg. Chips & Drink.

You must do it within 14 days of your receipt.

CopyFREE Large Chips & Drink @ KFC
Baked Sliders Boxed Meal Deal At Kfc For $11.95

Baked Sliders Boxed Meal for $11.95

Expires: November 30, 2018

KFC are pulling out all the stops with introducing their Baked Sliders to us. And of course, that means they’re now available in their legendary boxed meal as well.

Here’s what you’ll get for $11.95:

  • 2 Baked Sliders
  • 1 Piece Original Chicken
  • 1 Snack Popcorn
  • 1 Regular Chips
  • 1 Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 Regular Drink

Grab it on the app or in-store today.

CopyBaked Sliders Box for $11.95
Kfc Baked Slider Combo Deal For $7.45

Baked Sliders Combo for $7.45

Expires: November 30, 2018

Want a change from a burger of fried chicken? Consider giving their Baked Sliders a go (they’re surprisingly good).

In the combo for $7.45 you’ll get:

  • 2 Baked Sliders (choose from Supercharged, Baconnaise, Aioli, Pepper Mayo, or BBQ)
  • 1 Regular Chips
  • 1 Regular Drink


CopyBaked Slider Combo for $7.45
$10 Popcorn Bucket Deal Kfc

$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket is BACK!

Expires: November 30, 2018

Officially, that’s over 80 pieces of golden brown popcorn chicken transferring hands for $10.

That’s a deal worth getting. Brave enough to grab one by yourself?

Or grab two and see who can finish the most. Make sure you get sauces though, you’re going to need them.


Copy$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket
Flatbread Slider For $2 At Kfc

Flatbread Sliders for $2

Expires: November 26, 2018

Got a gold coin in your pocket and looking for a snack? Throw it at KFC and they’ll throw back a delicious Flatbread Slider.

From KFC themselves:

This is the most real of deals, so stop reading, and go get ’em.

Copy$2 Flatbread Sliders
$2 Large Chips Deal @ Kfc Australia

$2 Large Chips BACK @ KFC

Expires: October 24, 2018

Arguably – one of of the best deals of all time.

KFC’s famously seasoned chips, now available in their awesomely large size for a low $2.


Copy$2 Large Chips [APP ONLY]
Kfc Promo 9 Piece Chicken For $9.95

9 for $9.95 is BACK!

Starts: September 25, 2018
Expires: October 23, 2018

KFC’s legendary 9 Piece for $9.95 is back on September 25 for a very limited time only.

Get in quick because the deal is only on for a very limited time.

Looks like meat’s back on the menu!

Copy9 for $9.95 @ KFC
$4.95 Fill Up Deal At Kfc

$4.95 ‘Fill Up’ Meal Deal at KFC

Expires: October 1, 2018

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 Original Recipe Piece
  • 1 Crispy or Baked Tender
  • 1 Regular Chips
  • 1 Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 Dinner Roll

Insane value. Also, add a 375ml Drink on top for just $1 if you’re feeling a bit thirsty.

Only available before 4pm.

Copy$4.95 Fill Up Promo at KFC
Zinger Double Burger Coupon $8.95 @ Kfc

Zinger Double Burger for $8.95 @ KFC Australia

Starts: August 1, 2018
Expires: September 30, 2018

No buns. No bread. This is a real burger.

Two zinger fillets surrounding cheese, bacon, and some supercharged sauce. Get it in your mouth.

Just $8.95 via the app or your local store. Prices may vary from store to store.

CopyZinger Double Burger - $8.95 @ KFC
3 For $3 Deal @ Kfc Wicked Wings & Chips

2 Wicked Wings & Reg. Chips for $3 @ KFC

Expires: August 31, 2018

What a steal. What a bargain. Get it quick because it may be a mistake.

Check your app to see if the deal’s available for you.

Copy3 for $3 @ KFC Deal
National Nugget Day Deal @ Kfc Australia

National Nugget Day @ KFC – Mega Nugget Deal

Starts: August 19, 2018
Expires: August 20, 2018

Last time it was on – we broke their app. This time – let’s break it again.

It’s National Nugget Day on Sunday 19th August and KFC is celebrating BIG.

Grab all of this:

  • 30 nuggets (YES 30)
  • 2 Large Chips
  • 4 Sauces

For just $15.95. That’s some of the best value we’ve ever seen.


CopyNational Nugget Day Deal @ KFC
24 Nuggets For $10 @ Kfc Special Deal

24 KFC Chicken Nuggets for $10

Expires: August 7, 2018

The competition is on again. And KFC are bringing in the big guns with their famous 24 Nuggets for $10 deal.

Get it on the app TODAY.

Copy24 Nuggets for $10 @ KFC
10 Wicked Wings For $15 @ Kfc Deal Australia

10 Wicked Wings for $15 @ KFC

Expires: July 30, 2018

This deal. Wow. What a deal.



Copy10 Wicked Wings for $15
$4.95 Lunch Deal @ Kfc

$4.95 Lunch @ KFC

Expires: June 30, 2018

You wanted value? You got.

$4.95 will get you all of the following:

  • 1 x Snack Popcorn Chicken
  • 1 x Wicked Wing
  • 1 x Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 x Regular Chips
  • 1 x Dinner Roll

OPTIONAL – Add on a 375ml Soft Drink just for $1 as well.

Only available until 4pm each day. Insane deal.

Copy$4.95 Lunch Deal @ KFC
$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket Voucher Kfc Australia

[WA ONLY] $10 Popcorn Chicken @ KFC

Expires: June 30, 2018

Grab a massive bucket full of KFC’s delicious popcorn chicken for just $10.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t see it on the menu – it rarely is.

If you aren’t sure, just give them a call beforehand to confirm.

Copy$10 KFC Bucket of Popcorn Chicken
Kfc Hot Honey Box $5 Deal

$5 Hot Honey Box [New to KFC]

Expires: June 30, 2018

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 x Hot Honey Chicken
  • 1 x Wicked Wing
  • 1 x Regular Chips
  • 1 x Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 x 250ml Solo

For just $5. What an absolute steal.

Reports are it’s only available in a few stores (not on the app). So either head in or call up your local KFC to see if they have the deal on.

Copy$5 Hot Honey Box @ KFC
$1 Regular Chips Special @ Red Rooster

$1 Regular Chips Deal @ Red Rooster

Starts: June 4, 2018
Expires: June 24, 2018

Head in store to your local Red Rooster before 4pm and grab yourself an awesome promotion.

Regular chips for just $1.

Maximum 4 chips per transaction.

Deal is available in all states except Queensland.

Copy$1 Regular Chips @ Red Rooster
Kfc Open Kitchen Deal Free Lunch

Open Kitchen @ KFC [FREE LUNCH]

Starts: June 16, 2018
Expires: June 16, 2018

Get a tour of your local KFC (if they’re participating) and grab yourself a FREE lunch while you’re at it.

Head here – https://www.kfc.com.au/open-kitchen – to see if there are any spots left.

CopyFREE Lunch @ KFC Open Kitchen
24 For $10 Kfc Hot & Spicy Nuggets Voucher

24 Hot & Spicy Nuggets for $10

Expires: June 12, 2018

KFC have been upping their Hot & Spicy game recently. And their nuggets aren’t missing out.

Get 24 of the delicious bites for just $10 (with 3 x dipping sauces).

Copy24 Hot & Spicy Nuggets - $10
Kfc National Burger Day Deal

FREE Chips & Drink – National Burger Day

Starts: May 28, 2018
Expires: May 28, 2018

Heads up – it’s National Burger Day on Monday, May 28th.

KFC are diving straight in and giving out FREE Chips & Drink with any burger purchased.


CopyFREE Chips & Drink w/ Burger
$5 Kfc Lunch Deal Hot & Spicy Box

$5 Hot & Spicy Lunch @ KFC

Expires: May 14, 2018

Mmmmmmmm….hot & spicy KFC chicken. Does it get any better?

Grab the $5 deal and you’ll be munching on the following:

  • 1 x Hot & Spicy Chicken Piece
  • 1 x Wicked Wing
  • 1 x Regular Chips
  • 1 x Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1 x 250ml Solo

For those in QLD/WA – the other states don’t have Hot & Spicy year round which makes this deal pretty special.

Copy$5 Hot & Spicy Box
$2 Sliders With Kfc Coupon Australia

$2 Sliders – KFC App Deal

Expires: April 16, 2018

Usually $2.95, you can now down as many sliders as you like for just $2 a pop.

Head to the snacks section in your KFC app to find the deal.

They are quite small though, so you many need more than 5 to fill up.

Copy$2 Sliders @ KFC
$15.95 Kfc Nugget Party Voucher March 2018

KFC Nugget Party Pack for $15.95 (NSW & QLD only)

Expires: March 31, 2018

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 30 Nuggets
  • 4 sauces
  • 2 Large Chips
    • Only available on the app.

CopyKFC Nugget Party Pack for $15.95
$5 Deal Kfc Wa Only

$5 Fill Up Box (WA Only)

Expires: March 31, 2018

What you get:

    • 1 x Original Recipe Piece
    • 1 x Original Tender
    • 1 x Regular Potato & Gravy
    • 1 x Chips
    • 1 x 250ml Sparkling Water

Lunch? Sorted.

See Deal.

Copy$5 Fill Up Box (WA ONLY)
$2 Kfc Large Chips March 2018

KFC Large Chips for $2

Expires: March 31, 2018

Another killer deal. Only on the App though.

Not as killer as the $2.50 chips & gravy, but pretty deadly nonetheless.

Copy$2 KFC Large Chips
$2 Kfc Krusher Happy Hour Deal

Krushers @ KFC for ONLY $2

Expires: March 30, 2018

What a steal. But it’s only available during their Happy Hours of 2pm-5pm.

Copy$2 Krushers @ KFC (2pm-5pm)
Free Chips & Drink Kfc Voucher

[WA ONLY] FREE Reg. Chips & Drink w/ Zinger Burger Purchase

Expires: March 9, 2018

Thanks for Bonky @ Ozbargain for the share.

Looks like it’s only WA at the moment though.

CopyFREE Chips & Drink w/ Zinger
9 For 9.95 Kfc Tuesdays

9 for $9.95 on Tuesdays @ KFC

Starts: February 20, 2018
Expires: February 21, 2018

Australia’s all time favourite deal – 9 for $9.95 @ KFC on Tuesdays. Get in on it before they take it off again.

Copy9 for $9.95 @ KFC (Tuesdays)
24 Kfc Nuggets Deal

24 KFC Nuggets for $10

Expires: February 20, 2018

You read that right. The Nuggets competition is back on and KFC are coming out with for their 24 for $10 deal. Don’t forget the 4 dipping sauces as well.

Copy24 Nuggets for $10
Kfc Mates Box Coupon Code

KFC Mates Burger Box

Expires: February 20, 2018

Here’s what you’ll get for $30:

  • 4 Fillet or Zinger Burgers
  • 4 Regular Chips
  • 4 Regular Drinks
  • 8 Original Tenders
CopyKFC Mates Burger Box
$19.95 Kfc Value Box Deal

KFC Value Burger Box – $19.95

Expires: February 1, 2018

What a steal. Check it out:

  • 2 x Burgers
  • 2 x Twisters
  • 4 x Chips

Just $19.95. Items can be swapped for others in the App.

Copy$19.95 KFC Value Box
$15 Shared Meal Deal @ Kfc

9 Pieces & 2 Large Chips – $15 [FOOD COURTS]

Expires: January 31, 2018

Thanks to GreatWhiteHunter for sharing.

Apparently, it’s only available in food court KFCs.

Copy9 Pieces + 2 Large Chips - $15
$10 Popcorn Bucket Deal Kfc

$10 Popcorn Chicken BUCKET

Expires: January 23, 2018

Oh yes. The deal of a lifetime.

Officially – the bucket is equal to 2 Maxi Popcorn Chickens or 80 individual pieces.

Copy$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket @ KFC
2 X Zinger Tacos $5.95 @ Kfc

2 x Zinger Tacos – $5.95

Expires: January 11, 2018

Juicy. Save yourself a cool $2 by hopping on this deal today.

Not valid for long though so give them a shot.

Copy2 x Zinger Tacos - $5.95
$10 For 24 Nuggets Kfc Dec 2017 Australia

[WA & NT] $10 for 24 Nuggets

Expires: December 1, 2017

On the app.

Won’t last long to jump on quick

Copy$10 for 24 Nuggets
$15.95 Kfc Nugget Deal Australia

30 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips & Sauce – $15.95 @ KFC

Expires: November 27, 2017

Mmmmmmm. What an awesome deal.

Only available on the App though.

Copy$15.95 Nugget Deal @ KFC