Red Rooster Vouchers

Red Rooster is consistently releasing fantastic new meals and food items to their menu. More often than not, they come with killer promotions and deals to boost initial sales.

Check out all the current Red Rooster deals available at a store near you.

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Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap For $8.49

Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap for $8.49

Red Rooster are joining the Jalapeno band wagon and have just released a new addition to their menu.

The Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Warp. That’s pronounced Jalapeno.

Head down to your local Red Rooster and get one today for just $8.49

CopyAvailable Now
Blt Smash Wrap For $8.99

BLT Smash Wrap for $8.99

In addition to their new Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Wrap which you’ll see here as well, is the classic BLT Smash.

Just $8.99 on it’s own at Red Rooster.

CopyAvailable Now


2 Roast Chicken For $20 At Red Rooster

2 Whole Roast Chickens for $20

Expires: March 31, 2019
Copy2 Whole Roast Chickens for $20
Smoky Cheese & Bacon Burger Meal For $5 At Red Rooster

Smoky Bacon & Cheese Burger Meal for $5

Expires: March 31, 2019

You’ll get a Smoky Cheese & Bacon Burger, 2 Onion Rings, Small Chips and a 250ml Drink!

CopySmoky Bacon & Cheese Burger Meal for $5
Buttermilk Chicken Pops Promotion At Red Rooster

Buttermilk Chicken Pops from $5.99

Expires: January 31, 2019

For too long, Red Rooster has managed to stay out of the popcorn chicken game. Now….they’re all in.

And their making a splash. Differentiating their popcorn chicken by adding the deliciousness of Buttermilk.

Grab yourself of box of the goodies for just $5.99 today.

CopyAvailable Now
Red Rooster Promtotion 30 Minute Delivery Or Food Is Free

30 Minutes or Less Guarantee

Expires: December 31, 2018

Sort of like that movie, 30 Minutes or Less, Red Rooster is hopping on board the guaranteed quick delivery game.

If you’re food isn’t delivered in 30 minutes or less when you order, you’ll get a whole roast chicken FREE (on your next order).

Here’s to hoping they hit every red traffic light on the way in!

Copy30 Minute or Less Delivery Guarantee
Family Dinner Meal On Special At Red Rooster

Dinner’s Done at Red Rooster for $19.95

Expires: November 30, 2018

Grab a whole roast chicken, large sweet potato chips, large gravy, and top it all off with a side of delicious garlic bread. All for just $19.95.

Get down to your local Red Rooster today to get dinner sorted on the fly.

CopyFamily Dinner Meal for $19.95
Smoky Cheese & Bacon Burger Meal For $5

Smoky Cheese & Bacon Burger Meal for $5

Expires: November 4, 2018

$5 in your pocket? $5 in your account? Lunch is sorted.

As long as you’re near a Red Rooster that is.

Small Chips, 250ml Coke, Chicken Tenders, and a Smoke Cheese & Bacon burger – $5 at Red Rooster. What a deal.

Mac & Cheese Roll Deal At Red Rooster

$8.99 Mac & Cheese Roll

Expires: October 7, 2018

Red Rooster are pulling out the big guns for Australia’s winter.

Take a bite out of one of their delicious Mac & Cheese Rolls today just for $8.99.

Head in store to get the deal.

Price may vary depending on your region.

Copy$8.99 Mac & Cheese Roll
Quarter Chicken & Mac And Cheese Deal At Red Rooster

Quarter Chicken and Mac & Cheese for $8.99

Expires: October 7, 2018

Fancy switching up the fries but still set on the 1/4 Chicken? No worries.

Red Rooster are now offering their famous 1/4 Chicken with a side of Mac & Cheese instead.

All for just $8.99 at your local store.

Price may vary depending on your region.

CopyQuarter Chicken and Mac & Cheese for $8.99
Red Rooster Promo Mac & Cheese Bowl For $8.99

Huge Mac & Cheese Bowl for $8.99

Expires: October 7, 2018

Dive deep into a big bowl of Mac & Cheese from Red Rooster for $8.99.

Price may vary depending on your region.

CopyHuge Mac & Cheese Bowl for $8.99
Mac & Cheese Roll With Drink Special At Red Rooster

Mac & Cheese Roll w/ Drink for $10

Expires: October 7, 2018

Need something to wash down the $8.99 Mac & Cheese Roll?

Turn it into a combo and add one a drink for $1.

Price may vary depending on your region.

CopyMac & Cheese Roll w/ Drink for $10
Loaded Chips With Chicken & Gravy Deal At Red Rooster

Loaded Large Chips w/ Chicken & Gravy for $5

Expires: October 7, 2018

Red Rooster’s chips are great – but now they’re even better.

Grab yourself a large chips loaded with chicken & gravy on top for a low $5.

Price may vary depending on your region.

CopyLoaded Large Chips w/ Chicken & Gravy for $5
$2 Large Chips Deal At Red Rooster

$2 Large Chips @ Red Rooster

Expires: September 30, 2018

Matching KFC’s legendary deal – Red Rooster are now handing out Large Chips for just $2.

Get in early though, the deal’s only available before 4pm.

Copy$2 Hot Chips Deal @ Red Rooster
$5 Rippa Value Meal Deal Red Rooster

$5 1/2 Rippa Value Meal Promo

Expires: September 30, 2018

Red Rooster’s highly sought after promo is back. And now it’s got a 250ml Coke with it.

Grab yourself a 1/2 Rippa, Small Chips & 250ml Drink for just $5 ($6 in the NT).

Copy$5 Rippa Value Meal
Bonus Large Chips Voucher @ Red Rooster

BONUS Large Chips w/ $25 Delivery @ Red Rooster

Expires: July 1, 2018

New coupon coming in for all Red Rooster stores around Australia.

They’re heavily promoting their delivery at the moment and are offering all customers who spend more than $25 – a FREE large chips.

Copy the coupon below and apply it during checkout.

Bonus Rooster Roll Voucher @ Red Rooster

Delivery Deal @ Red Rooster – BONUS Chicken Roll

Expires: July 1, 2018

Order at least $25 on your Red Rooster delivery order, and they’ll throw in a FREE Chicken Roll on top.

The coupon isn’t valid for long though.

Apply it during checkout to get the deal.

Dessert Dippas Box Meal Deal At Red Rooster

Dessert Dippas Box Deal for $15 @ Red Rooster

Expires: June 30, 2018

Another deal where if you spend $25 on a delivery order you can add on another item for a massive discount.

This time, spend $25 on delivery and for just $15 you can take home:

  • 4 Donut Dippas
  • 6 Apple Bites
  • 2 Pineapple Fritters
  • 2 Salted Caramel Sauces

Saving yourself $11 on the usual price of the Dessert Dippa’s box.

Copy & paste the coupon below during checkout.

Dinner For 2 For $15 Specials On At Red Rooster

Dinner for 2 for $15 @ Red Rooster

Starts: April 9, 2018
Expires: May 5, 2018

Or dinner for one hungry person!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1/2 Chicken
  • Large Chips
  • Large Gravy
  • Large Couscous

Only available for pick up.

Download the coupons here.

Copy$15 Dinner for Two @ Red Rooster
2 Rooster Rolls For $10 Promotion At Red Rooster

2x Rooster Rolls for $10

Starts: April 9, 2018
Expires: May 5, 2018

Head in store today and grab yourself two of their juicy Rooster Rolls for just $10.

Saving you around $3 total off of their regular price.

Not bad.

Download the coupon here.

Copy2 x Rooster Rolls for $10
$20 Red Rooster Promotion For Family Meal Deal

$20 Special Family Meal Deal

Starts: March 3, 2018
Expires: April 24, 2018

Looking for an easy meal for dinner tonight? Head down to your local Red Rooster and take advantage of this new promotion.

For $20 – here’s what you’ll be feasting on:

  • 1 Large Chicken
  • 1 Family Chips
  • 1 Large Gravy
  • 1 Large Peas

No coupon needed. Just head in store and order.

Copy$20 Family Meal Deal @ Red Rooster
Half Rippa Roll Deal @ Red Rooster

[VIC ONLY] Free 1/2 Rippa Roll or 1/2 Rippa Sample Pack

Starts: March 21, 2018
Expires: March 22, 2018

Red Rooster in Chadstone are doing a special giveaway promotion on March 21st @ 4:30pm.

They’re bringing in some supercar drivers, some promo girls, and their mascot – and they’re giving away some free food to the first 100 people that ask.

Get their quick as they likely won’t last long.

CopyFREE Food @ Red Rooster Chadstone
2 Whole Chickens At Red Rooster For $27

2 Whole Roast Chickens for $27 Delivered

Starts: February 18, 2018
Expires: March 20, 2018

No need to even leave your house.

Just head online, add 2 Whole Roast Chickens to your order, then apply the coupon code below.

Dinner served with another fantastic Red Rooster deal.

Free Quarter Chicken & Chips Special At Red Rooster

[NSW ONLY] Free 1/4 Chicken & Chips @ Red Rooster Auburn Redyards

Starts: March 17, 2018
Expires: March 18, 2018

Red Rooster are opening a new store in New South Wales and are having a bit of a giveaway to launch.

They’re doing a special promotion and offering a FREE 1/4 Chicken & Chips on March 17th to the first 500 people that come through their doors.

Only two conditions:

  • You need to be wearing something red
  • And you need to come in between 11am and 2pm

Meet those two and you’ve got yourself an awesome deal at Red Rooster.

CopyFree 1/4 Chicken & Chips @ Red Rooster
Mates Share Pack Deal At Red Rooster For $25

[WA ONLY] Mates Share Pack for $25

Starts: January 29, 2018
Expires: March 15, 2018

You and a mate could be dining on a killer deal at Red Rooster in the next few days.

Head in store, split the cost between each of you, and grab the following for just $25 total:

  • 2 Rooster Rolls
  • 2 Rippa Rolls, and
  • 1 Family Chips


No coupon needed – just head in store to pick it up.

CopyMates Share Pack for $25
Quarter Chicken And Small Chips For $5 At Red Rooster

Quarter Chicken & Small Chips Deal – $5 @ Red Rooster

Starts: January 17, 2018
Expires: March 3, 2018

Unfortunately, no drink comes with this promotion so you’ll have to BYO or buy one extra.

Still, the deal is pretty good on its own. And if you’re feeling more than a little bit hungry – grab 2 for $10.

Only available until 4pm each day.

CopyQuarter Chicken & Small Chips - $5
$5 Rippa Value Meal Deal At Red Rooster

$5 Rippa Value Meal Promotion

Expires: January 14, 2018

Back by the hugely popular demand shown in the first instance of the promotion.

Red Rooster is once again offering the Rippa Value Meal for a low $5.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Half Rippa Roll
  • Small Chips
  • 250ml Soft Drink

Head in-store and pick it up today.

Note: The exact price of the deal may vary by location.

CopyRippa Value Meal for $5
$5 Quater Chicken And Chips Promotion At Red Rooster

$5 Quarter Chicken & Chips Voucher

Expires: December 30, 2017

One of the greatest fast food deals we’ve ever seen.

Visit a Red Rooster near you, and grab the following just a single $5 note:

  • 1/4 Chicken
  • Small Chips
  • 250ml Soft Drink

Fantastic price for some delicious food.

Copy$5 Quarter Chicken, Chips & Drink