Kfc Menu Prices In Australia

KFC is the most popular fried chicken fast food chain in Australia. And for a good reason – their chicken is delicious! On top of that, the KFC menu is packed full of delicious combos and deals these days.

Here are the latest KFC menu prices in Australia:

Menu ItemPrice

Burgers & Combos

Zinger Burger$5.95
Zinger Burger Combo (regular)$8.95
Zinger Burger Combo (large)$11.45
Double Tender Burger$4.95
Double Tender Burger Combo (regular)$7.45
Double Tender Burger Combo (large)$9.95
Fillet Burger$5.95
Fillet Burger Combo (regular)$8.95
Fillet Burger Combo (large)$11.45
Zinger Stacker Burger$8.95
Zinger Stacker Burger Combo (regular)$11.45
Zinger Stacker Burger Combo (large)$13.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger$6.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo (regular)$9.95
Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo (large)$12.45
Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger$6.95
Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo (regular)$9.95
Original Recipe Bacon & Cheese Burger Combo (large)$12.45
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger$4.95
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Combo (regular)$7.45
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Combo (large)$9.95


Original Tenders - 5 piece$9.95
Original Tenders - 5 piece Combo (regular)$12.95
Original Tenders - 5 piece Combo (large)$15.45
Original Tenders - 3 piece$6.95
Original Tenders - 3 piece Combo (regular)$9.95
Original Tenders - 3 piece Combo (large)$12.45
Original Recipe Chicken - 1 piece$3.00
Original Recipe Chicken - 5 piece$12.95
Original Recipe Chicken - 21 piece$34.95
Wicked Wings - 3 piece$3.95
Wicked Wings - 6 piece$6.95
Wicked Wings - 10 piece$10.95
Nuggets - 6 piece$5.95
Nuggets - 6 piece Combo (regular)$8.95
Nuggets - 6 piece Combo (large)$11.45
Nuggets - 10 piece$8.95
Nuggets - 10 piece Combo (regular)$11.95
Nuggets - 10 piece Combo (large)$14.45
Regular Popcorn Chicken$5.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo (regular)$8.95
Regular Popcorn Chicken Combo (large)$11.45
$10 Popcorn Chicken Bucket$10.00
Maxi popcorn chicken$7.95
Maxi popcorn chicken combo (regular)$10.95
Maxi popcorn chicken combo (large)$13.45

Boxed Meals

3 Piece Box (regular)$11.45
3 Piece Box (large)$13.95
Zinger Burger Boxed Meal (regular)$10.95
Zinger Burger Boxed Meal (large)$13.45
Original Tenders Box (regular)$11.35
Original Tenders Box (large)$13.85
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Box (regular)$14.95
BBQ Bacon Stacker Burger Box (large)$17.45
New Original Bacon & Cheese Burger Box (regular)$11.45
New Original Bacon & Cheese Burger Box (large)$13.95
New Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Box (regular)$11.95
New Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger Box (large)$14.45
Original Twister Box (regular)$12.45
Original Twister Box (large)$14.95
Ultimate Box (regular)$10.45
Ultimate Box (large)$12.95
Original Twister Box (regular)$12.45
Original Twister Box (large)$14.95
Bacon Lovers TwisterBox (regular)$12.95
Bacon Lovers TwisterBox (large)$15.45
Supercharged Twister Box (regular)$12.95
Supercharged Twister Box (large)$15.45
Honey Mustard Twister Box (regular)$12.95
Honey Mustard Twister Box (large)$15.45
Favourites Box (regular)$12.45
Favourites Box (large)$14.95

Twisters & Wraps

Original Recipe Twister$6.95
Original Recipe Twister Combo (regular)$9.95
Original Recipe Twister Combo (large)$12.45
Bacon Lovers Twister $6.95
Bacon Lovers Twister Combo (regular)$9.95
Bacon Lovers Twister Combo (large)$12.45
Supercharged Twister$6.95
Supercharged Twister Combo (regular)$9.95
Supercharged Twister Combo (large)$12.45
Honey Mustard Twister$6.95
Honey Mustard Twister Combo (regular)$9.95
Honey Mustard Twister Combo (large)$12.45

Family Meals

The Dipping Bucket$25.95
Variety Feast (6 Original Recipe, 8 Original Tenders, Regular Popcorn Chicken, 6 Nuggets, 3 Sauces, 2 Large Chips, Shaker Salad)$33.95
Family Burger Box (2 Fillet Burgers, 2 Twisters, Regular Popcorn Chicken, 6 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips, 1 Sauce)$27.95
Family Feast (10 Original Recipe, 2 Large Chips, Large Potato & Gravy, Large Coleslaw, Large Drink)$30.95
Streetwise Feast (6 Original Recipe, 6 Nuggets, 3 Original Tenders, 2 Sauces, 2 Large Chips)$21.95
Giant Feast (15 Original Recipe, 18 Nuggets, 3 Sauces, 3 Large Chips, Large Potato & Gravy, Large Coleslaw, Large Drink)$42.95
Add 2 Sides for $5.95


Go Bucket (Grilled Taster, Popcorn Chicken, Nuggets, Wicked Wings, Original Tenders)$3.95
Go Bucket Popcorn Chicken$3.95
Go Bucket 1 Original Tender$3.95
Go Bucket 2 Wicked Wings$3.95
Go Bucket 3 Nuggets$3.95
Go Bucket 2 Baked Tenders$3.95
Aioli Slider$2.95
Supercharged Slider$2.95
Original Pepper Mayo Slider$2.95
Original BBQ Slider$2.95
3 Wicked Wings$3.95

Kids Meals

Kids Meal - Baked Slider$4.95
Kids Popcorn Chicken Meal$4.95


Chips (regular)$2.95
Chips (large)$4.95
Shaker Salad (regular)$4.95
Shaker Salad (large)$6.95
Shaker Salad Meal (regular)$8.95
Shaker Salad Meal (large)$11.45
Potato & Gravy (regular)$3.75
Potato & Gravy (large)$5.95
Coleslaw (regular)$3.75
Coleslaw (large)$5.95
Chocolate Mousse$2.50
Dinner Roll$0.95
Gravy (regular)$3.75
Honey Mustard Shaker Salad$4.95
Honey Mustard Baked Tenders Shaker Salad$6.95
Honey Mustard Baked Tenders Shaker Salad Combo (regular)$8.95
Honey Mustard Popcorn Chicken Shaker Salad$6.95
Honey Mustard Popcorn Chicken Shaker Salad Combo (regular)$8.95

Drinks & Krushers

Solo Freeze$1.00
Pepsi Freeze$1.00
Mountain Dew Freeze$1.00
375ml Soft Drink$3.10
600ml Soft Drink$4.10
1.25L Soft Drink$4.35
600ml Bottled Water$3.10
350ml Orange Juice$3.10
350ml Apple Juice$3.10

Colonel's Table Specials

(only available on app)
Burger Deluxe Combo (Fillet Burger, Regular Chips, Regular Potato & Gravy, Regular Drink)$7.45
Double Combo (2 Fillet Burgers, 2 Regular Chips, 2 Regular Drinks)$12.95
Cheap as Chips (8 Original Recipe, 6 Nuggets, 2 Large Chips, 2 Large Potato & Gravy)$20.95
Chicken Feast (5 Original Tenders, 5 Baked Tenders, 6 Nuggets, Large Chips, Large Potato & Gravy, 3 Sauces, Large Drink)$20.95
Colonel's Dinner (4 Original Recipe, 4 Original Baked Tenders, Large Chips, Large Potato & Gravy, 1 Sauce)$15.95
Family Burger Deal (4 Fillet Burgers, 2 Large Chips, Large Drink)$20.95
Dinner Box (6 Piece Fillet, 2 Large Chips)$20.95
Dinner Box (10 Original Recipe, 2 Large Chips)$21.95
Please note the above prices should be used as a guide only. We are not affiliated with KFC in any way.

Menu Updates

  • 23 November 2019 – Massive update: complete menu and prices.
  • 2 August 2019 – Removed some items from the breakfast menu.
  • 7 June 2019 – Updated secret menu to add new items in.
  • 24 May 2019 – Added sliders box to menu.
  • 18 April 2019 – Added 4 new items to KFC’s secret menu.
  • 14 April 2019 – KFC has increased prices by $0.50 to $1.50 on many of their menu items.
  • 24 March 2019 – Removed large combos of Shaker Salads.
  • 12 March 2019 – Added Double Tender Burger to menu.
  • 7 March 2019 – Removed Burger Slider box.
  • 4 March 2019 – Added 10 piece Nugget combos to menu.
  • 24 February 2019 – Added Original Tenders combos to menu.
  • 14 February 2019 – Added Boneless Bucket to menu.
  • 1 February 2019 – Added Burger Slider Box to menu for $12.95.
  • 25 January 2019 – Added Mates Burger box to menu for $31.95.
  • 1 January 2019 – Added $4.5 Fill Up Box to menu.
  • 25 December 2018 – Removed Kentucky Nuggets from snacks menu.
  • 18 December 2018 – Removed 6 Wicked Wings Box Deal from Colonel’s Table & added Dinner Box 10 Piece meal.
  • 17 December 2018 – Removed Hot & Spicy Popcorn chicken.
  • 7 December 2018 – Added Favourites Box to menu starting at $12.45 for the regular.
  • 4 December 2018 – Removed Zinger Double, Original Double, Supercharged Zinger Burger, Hot & Spicy Chicken Box, and 5-Stars Box from menu.
  • 27 November 2018 – Added Double Tender Burger to menu.
  • 16 October 2018 – Removed Chicken & Wicked Wings deal from menu. Added Dinner Box to menu for $19.95.
  • 1 October 2018 – Added Hot & Spicy Popcorn Chicken to menu. In single servings, meal combos, and a boxed variety.
  • 18 September 2018 – Removed Tower Burger from menu.
  • 15 August 2018 – Added long running menu items only available on the app under the Colonel’s Table. 
  • 3 August 2018 – Original & Zinger Double burger, combo, and boxed meals added to menu.
  • 1 August 2018 – Tower burger combo & boxed removed from menu.
  • 21 July 2018 – Mates Burger Box removed from menu.
  • 15 July 2018 – Added Drink & Krusher prices to table.
  • 5 July 2018 – Added item info for family meals such as Family Feast and Streetwise feast.
  • 20 June 2018 – New menu item – Tower Burger (fillet, cheese, hashbrown, lettuce, mayo) from $7.95 for the burger by itself.
  • 12 June 2018 – $4.95 Lunch Deal added to list.

KFC Secret Menu

KFC is now taking on the famous McDonald’s menu by launching their very own Secret Menu. It was so secret that KFC themselves had to reveal it, with no one being able to find it on the app.

Zinger Chipster On The Kfc Secret Menu

Zinger Chipster On The KFC Secret Menu

On that menu, you’ll find items such as the Kentucky Snack Pack (popcorn chicken & chips) for $4.95, the Zinger Chipster (Zinger twister with chips) for $6.95, and a few other interesting creations. Check out the KFC menu prices further up on the page to see the full list of secret items available.

Make sure to keep an eye on it as well, because KFC also announced they’ll be releasing new items to the secret menu throughout 2019.

Now, the big question – how can you order from the secret menu? Here’s how:

KFC Coupons & Discounts

Similar to many of the other large fast-food chains in Australia, KFC regularly sends out a range of weekly discounts and deals to their loyal customers, letting you save a bit of cash on the KFC menu.

However, unlike Chicken Treat who deliver many of their coupons via brochures in the mail, KFC has recently preferred the more traditional method of marketing via TV ads and social media.

We’ll be biting our tongue in a second, though, because yes – they do still send out coupons in the mail sometimes. Just nowhere near as often as before.

Today, the best place where you can get your KFC meal for cheaper than it normally is is online. Keeping up to date on their Facebook page will allow you to get instantly notified when new promos are run.

Similarly, there are a number of online communities dedicated to sourcing coupons and deals for a variety of goods & services, one of them being fast food.

Kfc Coupons And Discounts In Australia

Kfc Coupons And Discounts In Australia

Due to popular demand – we now regularly post the latest deals and specials available on the KFC menu. You can see all the deals here – KFC deals.

One of the most popular (and recurring) deals is their 24 nuggets for $10. It was so popular when first released, both McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s have gone on to copy the exact same deal. Australian’s like their nuggets!

As well, just like movies prices in Australia, Tuesday is a special day for KFC. So special, many people hold out for the whole week until it rolls around. Why? To get their much needed KFC fix.

KFC’s Breakfast Menu

It’s tradition in Australia – if you become one of the largest fast food chains in the country, you have to give the breakfast menu a go (like Hungry Jack’s & McDonald’s have successfully done). KFC did, and for a time they had quite a few delicious items on their menu, but it looks like it didn’t take off.

Their breakfast menu consisted of the standard hash brown and some bacon & egg variations of their twisters and rolls. On top of that, there was also donut sticks, and a brekky box which some say was actually quite good.

Kfc Brekky Box For $5 Available Until 10am

Kfc Brekky Box For $5 Available Until 10am

Unfortunately, many customers report that locations which did once serve breakfast, no longer do. We can only assume the concept of breakfast at KFC was too foreign to most which led to it being unprofitable for the company.

Hey – as long as they keep serving up their delicious chicken for the rest of the day, we’re still happy.

2019 Price Increases On The KFC Menu

In a move covered by few media outlets, prices nearly across the board on the KFC menu have increased between $0.50 and $1.50.

Increases were seen on the menu in early April 2019, although the actual change could have occurred at an earlier date. It’s unsure why KFC has chosen to only increase the prices of some burgers and boxed meals, whilst leaving others unchanged.

The most expensive standard boxed meal you can now get on KFC’s menu is no the Large Zinger Stacker Box for $16.45.

Hopefully we won’t see any more price increases throughout 2019.

Still, you can always grab yourself some fantastic KFC deals to save a bit of cash.

About KFC in Australia

Founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders in Kentucky, United States, KFC is now the second largest fast food chain in the world measured by sales, coming in behind McDonald’s.

They set up shop in America for 38 years, garnering the loyalty of many chicken lovers, before making the wildly successful decision to expand their operations internationally to Australia.

In 1968, the KFC brand showcased the KFC menu for the first time in Australia in in Guildford, Sydney. And as you can see, it was the start of a national takeover.

First Kfc In Australia

First Kfc In Australia

According to their website (link below), the fast-food giant now serves more than 2 million Australians every week through all of their 600+ restaurant locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and more.

With that being said, their Aussie operations are still only a small part of their worldwide fried chicken franchise. As of December 2015, the KFC menu could be seen in more than 123 countries, at more than 20,000 unique locations. Now that’s a lot of chicken.

Fun Fact: KFC is a child company of the even bigger conglomerate Yum! Brands. Along with KFC, they also own Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Yum! Brands is a publicly traded company on the NYSE with a current market cap of $26.4 billion (Aug-17).


KFC finally announces it will now be offering delivery of its delicious chicken across after partnering with Deliveroo to provide the transport.

From their website:

Order KFC Delivery and Deliveroo brings your favourite feed to you. Empty kitchen? Easy as! Sick of sangers? KFC to the office! Can’t leave the couch? Count on us!

To check if a KFC delivers near you, visit this website.

Keep in mind there is an $8.95 delivery fee and a $10 minimum order.


As you can see from all of their menu prices above, you generally can’t go wrong with grabbing lunch or dinner at KFC. With their family meals priced as they are, why not treat the kids as well? Their burgers are fantastic, and their chicken jucier than the half-time oranges at Woolies.

More questions about the KFC menu? Chuck them in the comments below.

We are not affiliated with the above goods/service/organisation in any way. Prices should only be used as a guide.