Bengal Cat Prices

How come everyone knows what a Bengal Cat looks like? Because they’re damn gorgeous – that’s why. Just take a look at the photo above. Why wouldn’t you want that beautiful creature greeting you at home every day?!

You’ve thought about it a little more, though, haven’t you? You’re here because you want to know how much they cost. And we’re going to tell you.

Here’s a guide for the price of a Bengal Cat:

Bengal Cat Prices


Bengal Cats in Australia

Bengal Kitten (medium quality)$1,000
Bengal Kitten (high quality)$1,500
Bengal Kitten (show breeder quality)$2,500
Bengal Queen (aged female)$1,200
Bengal Stud (aged male)$1,200
Due to the nature of the cat and their variety, accurate pricing is difficult to measure.

Price Updates

  • June 2018 – There is no indication of and increase/decrease in prices over the past 6 months.

As you can see, prices vary far and wide depending on the type of Bengal you’re after and the age of the cat.

But what are all the factors taken into consideration when coming to a final selling price?

The Price Of A Bengal

You may be thinking to yourself, why the bloody hell are these cats so expensive? Well…there are a number of factors which come into play when pricing a Bengal.

For one – their popularity. They are known around the world for being an exotic and elegant kitty, and as such, are priced accordingly. These guys are the diamonds of the cat world – everyone wants one.


It’s all about the genes with these cuties. The type and behavioural traits of the parents play an extremely important part in determining how the kitten will turn out.

This is the reason you’ll see many online Bengal breeders (see below for list) detailing who the parents are and how they behave .

As such, those with traits we humans think highly of, are priced the same way – higher.


The pattern of their fur also plays an important role in determining their selling price. This is, however, dependent on your own personal preferences.

Bengal Cats In Australia

Bengal Cats In Australia

What may seem attractive and unique to one person, could be boring and dull to the next. Don’t let anyone influence what type of pattern you prefer.


As with how many other pets are priced in Australia, their age comes into play for how much they’re going to cost.

Kittens yet to start off their adventurous life will dig the deepest holes in both your garden, and in your wallet. For the simple fact that your time with them will be far longer and you have a higher chance of bonding.

Maybe one day we’ll see an age-price pet discrimination act put in place? One can only dream.

Older Bengals usually come further down in price as they age. We don’t like saying it, but they simply have a less amount of time left in their life. However, if they are of the highest quality Bengal (think award winning show cats), they’ll dig deeper holes in your wallet than any kitten can.

Breeders are an excellent way to be certain on the quality and age of cat you’re getting. But you want to make sure you’re heading to the right one.

Recommended Breeders

With Bengals being as popular as they are, many people and businesses in Australia were quick to jump on the wagon and start breeding the luxurious cats.

There are now more than a few breeders around the country continuously providing new Bengals for those looking for one.

Bengal Breeders In Australia

Bengal Breeders In Australia

Usually, these cats can be transported to your location from anywhere in the country, so no need to worry about buying from a breeder on the other side. With saying that, however, we always recommend trying to see the cat in person before committing to the new member of your family.

Here are a few of the most popular breeders today:

Please keep in mind we have never personally used the services of any of the above breeders and cannot guarantee the quality of the Bengals they produce.

If a breeder doesn’t tickle your fancy or the price is a bit too high for you, you can check out Gumtree. There are many 2nd-Hand Bengals for sale here – and as you can see from the price table above, they are quite a bit cheaper than the breeders.

Good Luck

Hopefully, you’ll leave us with a bit more knowledge than you arrived. Good luck in your journey in adding a Bengal cat to your family.

If you have any further questions about their prices, please let us know in the comments below – we love to hear from our readers.

We are not affiliated with the above goods/service/organisation in any way. Prices should only be used as a guide.