Adventure World Ticket Prices Day And Season Pass

Adventure World is the biggest and most popular theme park in Perth. The rides and slides make it a fantastic place to spend a sunny day in Perth. Find out how much their tickets cost and more here.

Here are the latest ticket prices for Adventure World:

Ticket TypePrice

Day Tickets

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$52.50
Adult (14 years & above)$62.50
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$159.50
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$195
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$239.50

Member Discounted Day Tickets

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$34.15
Adult (14 years & above)$40.65

Platinum Member Discounted Day Tickets

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$26.25
Adult (14 years & above)$31.25

Last 3 Hour Power Pass

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$40
Adult (14 years & above)$45

Season Pass

Child (3 years or under)Free
Child (4-13 years inclusive)$155
Adult (14 years & above)$179
Family 1+1$334
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$489
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$589
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$669

Platinum Season Pass

Child (4-13 years inclusive)$240
Adult (14 years & above)$295
Family 1+1$535
Family 2+1 OR 1+2$699
Family 2+2 OR 1+3$835
Family 2+3 OR 1+4$925

Fast Pass

Off Peak (not including park admission)$34.95
On Peak (not including park admission)$39.95
Prices are valid until 27th April 2020.

What’s a Platinum Season Pass?

It’s a season pass (unlimited access to the park whenever it’s open for the season) with a few more perks than just the standard season pass.

Platinum Season Pass At Adventure World

Platinum Season Pass At Adventure World

Here’s a list of extra benefits you’ll get with the Platinum Pass:

  • Two Free Fast Passes (skip ahead to the front of ride ques)
  • 40% off Cabana Hire
  • 50% off Entry Prices for 8 Friends
  • 20% off Food & Drinks
  • 20% off Official Merchandise
  • 20% off Souvenir Photography
  • Express Member Entry
  • Free Entry into Fright Nights

If you think you’ll enjoy any of those things – the Platinum Season Pass might be worth your while!

Where can you get cheap tickets

One of the best ways to get discounted Adventure World tickets is through RAC.

Over the past years, they’ve consistently provided their members with the options to buy day passes to the theme park at a cheaper rate than the standard. And the fantastic news is – you can signup today!

Cheaper Tickets Can Be Found At Rac

Cheaper Tickets Can Be Found At Rac

You don’t even have to sign up to any of their products or services, you can just join the rewards program by itself. It costs just $29/year and you’ll get access to a range of benefits and rewards you can use. One of them being Adventure World of course!

Click here to learn a little more about RAC’s rewards program.

Do prices change depending on what time you go in?

Traditionally, all tickets bought after 2pm were massively discounted to entice adventurers to come in even though there is less time in the day to enjoy their rides.

However, the last mention of these cheaper tickets was back in 2014. So it’s unclear whether or not they still do it.

Here’s a snippet from their Facebook account of the deal:

A bit about Adventure World

Did you know – Adventure World is actually built on an old limestone quarry? Yep! And it took 380,000 tonnes of sand to re-shape the land to provide the initial landscape for the theme park. Here’s an early promotional video with a bit more info on its construction?

1982 was the official open date of the park, where it was originally called Adventureworld at Bibra Lakes. The slogan was quite inviting as well:

We built it for you to have the adventures of a lifetime in a single day, just for fun.

Over the past few years, Adventure World has gone a roller coaster of a transformation, investing millions of dollars into new rides to bring back the excitement (and terror) of many of their fans.

In 2013, Abyss, a $12 million roller coaster was installed in the park. It was the latest and most advanced roller coaster in the country. It’s even been called Australia’s Best Roller Coaster by some big names, including Ed Dickinson, founder of the Australia Coaster Club. Here’s a neat point of view of some fans taking the ride.

More recently in 2017, a Goliath of a ride reinvigorated the park once more. It’s a stationary pendulum, that’s anything but stationary. At its peak, you’ll be 28 metres above ground, at an angle of 120 degrees – almost upside down. Grab a look at how it all goes down here.

Unsure whether you still want to go? This’ll convince you:

Get in touch with them

If you’d like to get in touch with Adventure World, you can send them a message on the following:

Otherwise, feel free to give them a call on 9417 9666. Or, you can send them a message on the contact form here.


All in all, if you’re looking for a bit of thrill riding on some fantastic rides, to enjoy yourself on some wonderful slides, or just to relax is the warm Perth sun, Adventure World’s the place to be.

Head down and enjoy the water with a day pass, or grab a season pass and head down whenever you feel ike it. Now you know how much their ticket costs, you won’t have to worry about their prices anymore.

If you have any more questions about Adventure World or their prices, let me know in the comments below.

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