Iqos & Heets Price Australia

The IQOS is one of the most popular alternatives to Cigarettes on the market today. After having been launched in Japan in 2014 it now available in 49 countries around the world. Here are the latest IQOS prices in Australia.

Best IQOS Prices

The IQOS is currently being sold in it’s 3rd generation, the IQOS V3. Over the years Phillip Morris made considerable improvements to the IQOS packaging and design, making it an overall more sophisticated product. Thus being able to ‘convert’ growing numbers of cigarette smokers looking for a healthier alternative to regular smoking.

Here are the best IQOS prices available to Australians:

ItemPrice (from)


IQOS 3 Kit$149
IQOS 3 Multi Kit$121
IQOS 2.4 PLUS$93
IQOS 3 Cleaner$7
IQOS USB Cable$5
IQOS AC Power Adapter$5


IQOS HEETS Amber Label$59.64
IQOS HEETS Bronze Label$59.64
IQOS HEETS Green$59.64
IQOS HEETS Menthol$59.64
IQOS HEETS Purple Label$59.64
IQOS HEETS Yellow Label$59.64
The prices above are estimates and should be used as a guide only. See the recommended vape stores below for accurate pricing.

For more info on how to get an IQOS device or HEETS, please see the section about where to buy one – it’s difficult for Australians.

What Is The IQOS

The IQOS is one of many so-called ‘heat-not-burn’ products. The idea behind these products is to basically supply smokers with nicotine while at the same time being less harmful than regular cigarette smoke.

Price Of Iqos And Heets
The IQOS and different flavors of HEETS

These devices try to achieve this by heating and not burning the tobacco and because of that not releasing many of the harmful components of cigarette smoke. There can be considerable similarities to electronic cigarettes (see vaping). However heat-not-burn devices use heated tobacco while with vaping, liquids are being burned and inhaled.

Phillip Morris announced the IQOS in 2014 and while it is being marketed as a novel product, it more or less is considered a revamp of their 1998 ‘Accord’.

Phillip Morris Accord
The Phillip Morris Accord from 1998

So what is different with the IQOS? Aside from the marketing and design, a couple of things.

Compared to the Accord, the IQOS heats the tobacco to a lower temperature, while the sticks contain more nicotine.

The marketing however is what’s mainly responsible for the IQOS’s wordwide success. With smoking becoming less popular around the world, the IQOS was introduced at just the right moment. And the modern design, resembling popular and high-end smart phones, instantly struck a note with a younger generation.

What Are Heat Sticks (HEETS)

The IQOS itself is basically just a heating device for the tobacco heat sticks. A stick contains processed tobacco, soaked in propylene glycol. The stick is inserted into the IQOS and then heated to about 350°C.

The nicotine contained in each stick is said to be about the same amount as a cigarette’s, however many light-cigarette smokers may find it to be a bit more than what they are used to.

Since no independent research on the harmful effects have been done, yet, it’s a bit too early to determine whether the IQOS really is less harmful or even more harmful than traditional cigarettes (same as with vaping, essentially).

Considering the tobacco is not burned, though, many smokers like that clothes and rooms don’t smell as bad from smoking the IQOS compared to cigarettes.

Where Can You Buy An IQOS Or HEETS in Australia

As with vaping, things are complicated in Australia. As of now, Australia, Turkey and Mexico are the only three OECD countries that have not legalised electronic cigarettes containing nicotine which makes an official introduction into the Australian market difficult.

While HEETS can be bought online, the IQOS has to be imported and bought in countries that allow it’s sale.

So if you’re looking to buy an IQOS or HEETS, your best bet will be to buy one when on vacation and bring them with you. The IQOS is considered an electronic device, so you are allowed to bring it to Australia. Just remember to declare tobacco products you bring into the country!

And while not selling the IQOS or heat sticks (HEETS) on their marketplace, you can find an ever increasing range of products (mainly in the form of accessories or cases) catering to IQOS users:


I hope this article sheds a bit more light on the IQOS. Like vaping, many consider it to be a somewhat healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. Sadly not much is known about long-term health effects, yet, so I will definitely not tell you that it’s fine to smoke HEETS instead of cigarettes…

At the end of the day, it’s up to you and I’m just here to tell you how much it will cost…

We are not affiliated with the above goods/service/organisation in any way. Prices should only be used as a guide.